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One-click Currency Converter

Browse. Click. Convert. 

You’ll never have to leave the page you’re viewing to convert currency ever again. Simply highlight the text on the page you’re viewing, right-click and instantly see your converted currencies in the right-click menu

Useful for sourcing prices for e-commerce shopping, choosing a software package and travel planning. Instantly know whether you’re getting a good deal in your home currency.


  • All international currencies available
  • Unlimited number of conversion pairs
  • Toggle between conversion pairs in the menu
  • One-click functionality
  • Incredibly simple setup and user experience
  • No Ads

What people say about us:

“I use One-click currency converter in two ways, As a writer, I’m often researching and pulling information from the news. Often financial news is in foreign currencies and I need to understand what that means locally. I can grab the conversion in a split second. I also use it to determine how much software will cost my company in my local currency.”

“We are planning a big trip to Europe and we have been using One-Click Currency Converter to help us calculate our budget. We’ve been browsing foreign restaurant menus, galleries and hotels and we’re able to screenshot the currency conversion and throw it into our budget board.”

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Click Currency Converter Premium

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